The Plane of Life

An image of the Plane of Life.

The Plane of Life is one of the Planes that is intersecting with the planet Telara and is responsible for causing rifts and chaos. The Plane of Life appeared after The Shade helped destroy The Ward.

In the Plane of Life, everything is green, lush, and interconnected with flora. There are flowers of all shapes, sizes, and colors all the way from the ground to the trees up. Coarse, fibrous vines snake in and out among the roots, winding around the trunk of an immense tree that dominates the center of the plane. Many creatures of the Plane of Life make their homes in this tree's limbs, and the transformative power of Life itself permeates everything, often blurring the line between plant and animal. The Plane of Life is also home to the Fae, capricious faerie lords who bend nature and the seasons to their whims.

The dragon from the Blood Storm, Greenscale, focused on the plane's chaotic nature of things. The Green Dragon and his minions often continue to usher in new growth at the expense of natural life. His followers dislike civilization and all things that appear to be in any kind of order. Though their corruption ruins the natural environments of plants and animals, they still believe that they are devoted to the brutality of purest Life.

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