Regulos, also known as The Destructor, the Dragon of Extinction, the Devouring Snake, is the dragon god who comes from the elemental Plane of Death.[1] Following the end of the Blood Storm Wars, his physical body was destroyed and his spirit banished. He is now seeking vengeance from the people of Telara for doing so. Even though he woke the other members of the Blood Storm, they do not get along completely. For example, he has a extreme disdain for the goddess Crucia. His Dragon Cult is the Endless Court.[2]

True NatureEdit

Like all Blood Storm Regulos's true nature is capable of driving mortals insane. The events of the Shade have revealed that Regulos is infact two beings: The Dragon of Death and king Aedraxis Mathos. During the Shade the two had merged. Before the merge the destruction of Regulos's dragon form would have been merely temporary. Eventually Regulos had been slain in his merged form within the Plane of Death putting an end to his existance permanantly though at the cost of the Nightmares escaping the Plane of Water and the loss of one of the few armies capable of stopping the Tenebrean Ascended and an even greater evil forcing Aia the Goddess of Fate to ally with both the past versions of the Blood Storm and with the Akvan to stop both threats.

True GoalsEdit

Regulos despite being believed to be by the Telarans to be a being seeking the destruction of existence even after his merger with King Aedraxis resulted in Aedraxis's personality being dominate infact sought to build up a massive undead army to fight off the Tenebrean Ascended(one of which had copied the form of the Telaran known as Gelidra with the power of the Plane of Water); a force more evil than Crucia(who's attempts to kill and usurp Regulos through both the Blood Storm Wars and the assassination of Regulos during the Endless Eclipse incident and gain the power of Nightmares helped this worse evil) once they had arrived saving existence from them.

Regulos was willing to devour all of Telara's resources including the entire planet to create this army in order to fight the Tenebreans off.

The Aedraxis-controlled Regulos may infact be the only Dragon who ever cared about the greater good unlike the original omnicidal Regulos, tyrannical Crucia(who Regulos feared almost as much as the even greater threat to the Planes due to her interfering with Regulos's attempts to stop it), the greedy Laethys, the sadistic Akylios, the bloodthirsty Maelforge and hungering Greenscale who all lived for selfish motivations.


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