High Elf

A female High Elf

High Elves are a beautiful, elegant, and extremely cultured race. They can trace their origins back to the Age of Legend. During the Age of Legend, their god Tavril and the other gods of the Vigil created the world of Telara. The High Elves remain one of the oldest and most storied races in all of Telara.

The High Elves ruled the majority of Telara for millions of years. At the time, the great forest of Tevara almost covered the complete world. From this legacy of dwelling among the heights of the forests, they have the unique ability to fall from large distances without being injured. They are the protectors and caretakers of the forests of Telara. They have an intimate relationship with naturalistic elements of the world and they are masters of the healing arts.

Centuries ago, a historical moment occurred in the history of the High Elves. It took place during the Blood Storm Wars. The great goddess Crucia summoned her armies and ordered them to destroy Tavril's High Elves. The savage and worshiper of Crucia, Orcri, went to war against the High Elves.

The majority of the High Elves' Heart Grove was destroyed through the actions of the war. After awhile, the Orcri were pushed back, and defeated by the first alliance of races. The High Elves then moved their capital to Cliffside Valle. The race, however, remains only a fragment of the former glory that it once had.

Despite all the tragedy of the past, the High Elves' are still devout worshipers of the Vigil. They fight against the influence of Regulos, and the Blood Storm. They have allied themselves with the Guardians. Witnessing the destruction caused by Regulos in the past, the High Elves have vowed to prevent his return at all costs. Some would describe the High Elves' as arrogant and distrustful of younger races, their loyalty to the preservation of the land is never questioned.



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