The dragon god, Akylios, is a god of the Blood Storm. He is best known as dragon of secrets and magic. He is from the elemental Plane of Water, and his Dragon Cult is known as the Abyssal.

True NatureEdit

All Blood Storm have a true nature that would drive mortals mad and Akylios is no different. He is identical to the Akvan offspring of the Akvan Matriarchs(who also are identical to Akylios) which are individually known as the Akvan Horrors all of which indicates that his appearance unsettled Kondraum enough to give Draum nightmares bad enough to take the form of Akvan(and one such Akvan nightmare of Akylios being a powerful aquatic Dragon God of Lightning). His true form is described as "the best way to peel a man is in one long spiral strip, like an apple" So bizarre is Akylios's true nature that even his siblings found him unsettling.

Death Edit

Akylios was killed underneath the cursed fortress of Hammerknell by the Ascended when his cult tried to free him.

Nightmare Tide BetaEdit

In the Nightmare Tide Expansion Beta the Akvan Horrors and the Akvan Matriarchs were the true form of Akylios himself until the developers changed them closer to release to Akvan.[1]


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